In large homes, control of all the various Home Technologies becomes cumbersome, and unpleasant: Security Alarm, Gate Access, Pool/Spa and Water Features, HVAC Climate, Lighting, Multi-Room Music, Motorized Shades, CCTV Surveillance Cameras and Distributed Video all are controlled by their own wall panels, keypads and switches located in many different places throughout the home. In order to eliminate all the ugly wall clutter of knobs, switches and control panels, Boston Home Solutions can provide a reliable, easy-to-use Integrated Control system. Attractive color tabletop and wall-mounted touch-panels are strategically placed to control all of the home's subsystems. We program them to control all of your systems with a very intuitive button layout. So intuitive, in fact, that house guests and nannies can operate it with ease. Imagine not having to go on 'house patrol' every night. The touch-panel will tell you the status of all the lights in your system, which you can control. Ready for a soak? You don't have to walk outside to start the spa and set the temperature. Press a button on one of the touch-panels. Want to see who's at the front door? Look at the touch-panel.

Control4 is the best known and most reliable name in the field of system integration. Let us show you how simply you can control your home.

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